Thursday, August 15, 2013

Surprise! I'm 30!

I turned 30 while we were in Phoenix.  The day after we flew home I couldn't figure out why Adam was so insistent on me going to grandma's to work on a quilt, and I also didn't understand why he wanted to come along.  When we showed up at grandma's the house was filled with my friends and family!  I was thrown my first ever surprise party!  I always wanted a surprise party! :)  There was delicious luau themed food and a cute and tasty cake.  They also set up a photo booth downstairs and had props to go with it.  It was so nice of everyone who made it and everyone who helped pull it off!  Thanks friends!

Monday, August 12, 2013

After a very full day of travel returning from Phoenix there was still some fun to be had!  A friend of some friends from college got married that Saturday at a camp in Black Forrest, CO.  That meant that many of the mutual friends were celebrating at that wedding just up the road.  Adam and I met Emily S.G. for a late dinner then we went to the camp for a short visit to see some wonderful people.  It was so nice to see everyone even though it took crashing a wedding after party for only a few minutes.  I love my friends.  I met so many special people in college.

Later in that very next week we got to see more friends!  Nate Buhr and Rodger Nugent were in town bringing Nate's dog to Joe Schrag sine Nate and Ola were moving to New Zealand the following Monday.  We got to grill with them and hang out that evening.  Twas fun!

Phoenix '13

Still playing catch up here.  At least I'm into July.  Adam and I got to go with the Legacy youth group to Phoenix for the Mennonite Church USA conference.  I got to go to three different conventions as a teenager.  I went to Orlando '97, St. Louis '99 and Nashville '01.  I have some wonderful memories from those times.  Being close to my youth group was a very important part of my life growing up.  It was fun to watch the kids in this group grow closer.  Convention always includes high energy worship services, inspiring and entertaining speakers, service projects and usually a special event, in this case, Wet and Wild.  They also included learning experiences this year.  I tried Salsa Dancing!  This years theme was Citizens of God's Kingdom: Healed in Hope.  There was a lot of focus on immigration.  I still need to do research about that I can do in my area to get involved. 

Here are some shots from the week.


Worship time

Waiting for lunch

Our bus ride to our service project

My favorite Legacy leaders

Ice pops after our service project

Corn-hole competition

Neen Bean

Service Project

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy 1st birthday Juliana!

Back in June Juliana turned one!  I love that sweet girl. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You guys! I got to meet baby Iris!

I have a lot of catching up to do!  I can't believe it's the last day of Jule and I never even finished posting everything I intended to post in June.  I got to take a quick weekend trip to Minneapolis to meet baby Iris and see Rachel, Shawn and Emily!  Here are some pictures from that trip.  


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